Coordinating colors not matching
Unless it's the 4th of July at Old Navy, long gone are the days of match-matchy outfits.  Instead, pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in that color scheme.  Consider muted, neutral, or deep tones instead of bright colors.  Try to avoid wearing an all white or all black shirt/dress because it is very easy for the camera to blow out parts of these colors causing it to lose its detail.  Some time-tested color schemes to consider are: navy/cream/khaki, burgundy/mustard yellow/cream, grey/cream/tan, olive green/brown/burnt orange, or dusty pink/khaki/mint green.
Consider the Season
Avoid wearing lots of greens in the summer & yellows in the fall if you are doing outdoor photos.  You don't want to look like a floating head among the trees!

Look at your home decor
Since you will be hanging these photos in your house you want to make sure the colors of your clothes go with the color scheme of your home.

Accessorize & Layer
Accessories and layers not only add to your outfit but they can be fun to use in photos.  Have the man wear a tie for the woman to hold, necklaces for the kids to play with or hats to hide behind, a belt for your dress or sweater, flower crowns, suspenders, vests, or scarves.
Limit patterns
It's great to have one outfit that has all the colors in it.  However, not everyone in the photo should wear patterns as it may distract the final image.  Instead look for just a few subtle patterns to incorporate.
Textures are your friend
Don’t shy away from different textures for your clothes.  Feel free to mix denim, knit, lace, and tweed materials.  Different textures add more interest to your photographs.    
Movement & Flow
A flowy blouse or dress can add some romance and interest to any image.  Consider how your outfit looks strolling through a field or how your child's outfit will look when they are spinning in circles and jumping. 
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